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The problem we solve

Whether onboarding leads through a demo request first, or through a self-serve trial, it is hard for sales to optimise conversion without reaching out to each of the leads first. Indeed without any other prioritisation strategie, it comes down to calling every one of them, which is a major contribution to excessive customer acquisition costs.

Moreover, there is a clear tendency that a large majority of trial signups rather have a way to self-educate and discover the value of a product on its own, than speaking to a sales or customer success person to get explained what the percieved value will be.

The traditional SaaS GTM strategy: MQL and SQL based on ICP, with large CAC.

An optimal conversion strategy would be to receive clear indications when signups need help, the moment they need help, with clear directions how to help them.

And in a B2B environment, this gets incrementally important. You may need to reach out to people that are not deciding about the purchase of the product, yet still be the one that can give negative advise, as for him, value discovery did not yet happen.

How we solve the problem connects to both platform (and website) and CRM, and monitors everything a user and account are doing on the platform. This data gets enriched with marketing and sales data from your marketing automation and customer relationship tools.

From that data, extracts the elements that are key in having trial signups convert, as actually for any major event during the whole customer journey. E.g. Upsell moments, Churn, etc...

Eventually, knowing the triggers that are key in converting — they are called product-qualified lead signals — starts engagement sequences in the tools you already use, and through A/B testing, figures out which sales actions best to take.

The PLG strategy: Using PQL signals and actions to drive higher conversion with lower CAC.

The main advantages is that users are guided to discover value, rather than needing to go through a 30 minutes buy-me-please demonstration of what could be potential value for them. Another advantage is that the product itself becomes your best sales, allowing you to considerably lower customer acquisition costs, with same/higher conversion.

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