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Having scar tissue from previously taking decisions while navigating blind, not knowing what people were doing on a platform, and therefore not being able to take appropriate actions in due time, we decided to build the best product-led growth platform we know how to build.

This is our journy.
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The beginnings

Yves had been fortunate to working closely with experts from various professions, contributing to some fun and amazing projects across the globe.

Hans met Yves on an assignment to build out a platform for Belgian green-energy marketplace ‘Bolt Energie’. His passion for engineering, combined with previous experiences at Engagor/Clarabridge, quickly revealed to be a great mix for cooperation.

Hans and Yves co-founded journy.io BV on October 1st 2019. During the first 12 months, the company transitioned its original marketing attribution idea into creating an intelligent customer data platform (CDP), aimed at driving customer acquisition, growth and retention from platform behaviour and data. We only learnt afterwards this was called a product-led growth platform.




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Our mission statement

journy.io helps midsize SaaS companies drive a product-led growth strategy,
end-to-end integrated, out-of-the-box.

Life @ journy.io

As a pure remote international company, foremost for ecological reasons, but obviously also due to the 2020-2022 pandemic, we organise ourselves in virtual teams in which innovators can create their best possible work.
And sometimes, in not so virtual teams, yet still committing to their best possible work.

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The Team

journy.io is proudly developed by...

Yves Delongie
Hans Ott
Chato De Veirman
Full-stack Engineer
Manu De Buck
Full-stack Engineer
Willem Delbare
Investor and Board Advisor
Evy Bruyland
Board Advisor
Johan van Mil
Investor and Board Advisor
Robin De Baets
Security Analyst
Miguel Lopes
Full-stack Engineer
Nicholas 'Nic' Barnes
Full-stack Engineer

We're looking for more excellence

Come join our team if you feel like it. We genuinely like A-players.

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