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All-in-one CRM for growing sales teams.



A modern CRM with built-in sales communication tools for email, phone, SMS, and meetings

Automate the sales process by enrolling leads and contacts into sequences

Track the entire sales process and performance with powerful activity and funnel reporting

The cases

How boosts


in SaaS environments



actions in

Engage with your customer when your platform requires it.

Enroll in Close sequence

Enrolls a Contact in a Close sequence.

Pause Close sequence

Pauses a Close sequence for a Contact.

Add task to Close

Adds a task to a lead in Close, assigned to a specific user

Create Close opportunity

Creates a Close opportunity for a lead

The things you get done with


Close is a CRM for startups and small businesses. Close’s natively integrated sales automation, email, and phone tools help salespeople boost productivity and reach more prospects – all without leaving the CRM. Connecting Close to, you can:

  • Get actionable Lead and Contact fields related to product-led growth (PLG) metrics.
  • Add and remove Leads and Contacts to/from engagement sequences, based on how they behave on your SaaS platform.

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Connecting Close with allows you to create and update Contacts and Leads with additional PLG intelligence. This keeps your data between the Close CRM and —and your other tools— fully aligned. can also automatically add Contacts to Close sequences, or create opportunities and tasks for Leads, upon triggering PQL signals.

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