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We have a flexible pricing model that grows when you do.
Pricing is based on monthly active contacts (MACs).
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Monthly active contacts (MACs) are users and accounts that have been active in the last 31 days. 1 account with 2 users counts for 3 contacts.
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Unlimited Seats and Usage feature check
Customer Journey Analytics feature check
Conversion, Expansion & Churn Prediction feature check
PLG Signals & Scoring feature check
ICP Segments & Personas feature check
Account & User Playbook Automations feature check
Inbox with Cases & Tasks feature check
Customer Data Platform feature check
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All our pricing models are full-featured. feature check
Lifecycle Stage Management feature check
Machine Learning - Smart Signals feature check
Customer Journey Analytics feature check
PLG, Health & Custom Scores feature check
Conversion & Churn Prediction feature check
Playbooks and Actions feature check
Inbox with Cases & Tasks feature check
Customer Data Platform
Jarand F. Millett
Tech Lead offers a clear view on what people do on our platform, and which sales and CS activities make impact. And with stage views, signals, scores and engagement playbooks, we've got exactly the features we need to implement our PLG strategy.

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Do we comply with GDPR when using your platform?
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