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Dieter Deheamers
Dieter Dehaemers
Co-founder & CEO
Vectera logo offers a clear view on which marketing, sales and CS efforts produce long-lasting healthy customers, and which explicitly don't. And with their feature adoption scoring, buying signals and churn risk detection, we got exactly the triggers we need to implement our PLG strategy.

Align all of your workflows around consistent customer insights

Centrally collect and unify events and data from your website, apps and tech stack. adds health, stages, buying and upsell signals, churn risk and other intelligence.
Sync all back to the customer tools you already use, enforcing consistency in your workflows.

Incoming event
Deal Closed Won
Ticket Opened
Account Created
Health Score:
Segments: Facebook Lead, Accou
Buying Signals: Feature-complet
Churn Risk: Severe-Ticket
Open Ticket: S001-ABC-4321
MRR: €299.00
Support Contract: Standard
John Doe
Incoming event
Ticket Opened
App Feature One
Form Submit
Viewed Pricing Page: Yes
Role: Admin
Tried Feature One: Yes
Last Help Article: Easy Onboard
Next Payment Cycle: April 1st
First Feature Flow:
Trial RequestedTrialCustomerGoodBadNormal
Start → Login → Review Settings → Set Currency → Add Invoice → Add Credit Note → App Feature One
Logo Customer Data Platform is foremost an intelligent customer data platform.
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