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Zoho CRM

Is a market-leader in CRM for SaaS companies around the world. It comes pre-set up with standard object types as well as use of custom objects and fields, opening up utility of apps in Pipedrive marketplace

Allows you to get up and running in just a few minutes. Name your pipeline stages according to your sales process, fill it up with deals, and start drag and dropping towards “won”

Helps you focus on the actions that get you there. Schedule calls, emails and lunches, and let Pipedrive show you what to prioritise

Includes powerful scheduling features to seamlessly meet your most difficult sales workflows

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Zoho CRM

in SaaS environments


Zoho CRM

actions in

Engage with your customer when your platform requires it.

Add tag to Zoho CRM

Adds a tag to a user or company in Zoho CRM.

Remove tag from Zoho CRM

Removes a tag from a user or company in Zoho CRM.

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Zoho CRM

Most CRMs force you to use it the way they think is best. But not all sales teams are alike. Zoho CRM works well for us because we can customize it to work exactly how we need it. Customizing is easy and does not require coding. Zoho CRM integrates nicely with services like Zapier and various forms of plugins.

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Zoho CRM


Instead of uploading your lists or relying on lead forms as your only way of capturing contacts, keeps all of the customer data in your Zoho CRM instance up to date automatically. You can even include lifecycle stage as a user trait and will move contacts through lifecycle stages automatically. Using Zoho CRM with saves you time integrating different sources of truth into the system (since you can just turn on Zoho CRM from your dashboard with no code necessary) and keeps all customer data records synced and up-to-date across systems in real time.

Moreover, allows to automatically launch various engagement actions towards Zoho CRM, upon Product-led Growth signals being triggered.

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