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Brevo is the smartest and most intuitive all-in-one marketing platform for growing businesses. Be where your customers are and manage all your digital communications in one place, with ease.

Promote your brand and grow your business with beautifully designed emails. Always send your campaigns at the best time for each contact with our Sent Time Optimization feature.

Automate your marketing and sales processes in no time. Create time-sensitive offers for your customer segments, and automate this process in a few steps.

Organize your team and track every customer interaction with your CRM. Customize your own sales pipeline and track deals and revenue potential as your leads move across the funnel.

Connect with your leads and customers in real time, as they reach out to you on your website or Facebook Business pages. It’s easy to manage all your customer conversations in one place using our multi-channel Chat app!

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Engage with your customer when your platform requires it.

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Achieve your business goals by creating better personalized interation at every step of the user journey - from acquisition to retention. As a software company you need far more than just email marketing. Communicating with your existing users is a significant challenge that requires the right mix of platform notifications, onboarding automation and contact management, and all with the uttmost reliability and customizability. Target the right segments and build engaging experiences based on contacts' preferences, data, and interaction with your product. Send highly creative campaigns and build complex automated scenarios to nurture your contacts and show them the benefits of choosing your solution.

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With, all the customer data you’re collecting from your websites, mobile apps, or servers gets sent directly into Brevo. The result is that you don’t need to do any additional installation or duplicate instrumentation of code, and you can utilise both Site Tracking and Event Tracking from Brevo. Brevo is also a cloud source. Being a cloud source means that can automatically collect events from Brevo, like Email Delivered and Email Opened, forward them to your other tools, and even load them into your data warehouse. This allows for a powerful bi-directional flow of data to and from Brevo, managed by

By using Brevo as a source of data in your favourite BI or analytics tool, you’ll be able to analyse your email campaigns in SQL or through drag-and-drop reports. You’ll also be able to join your Brevo data with all the other data you’re sending through to analyse the down-funnel effects of your email campaigns.

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