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Intercom’s core product is in-app messaging for onboarding, support and re-engagement

Also supports email and live chat (Engage), helpdesk (Respond), and knowledge base (Educate)

Chat, email and in-app messages can be targeted based on user behavior

The combined suite of tools is often used by startups and small businesses

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in SaaS environments



actions in

Engage with your customer when your platform requires it.

Add tag to Intercom

Adds a tag to a lead, user or company in Intercom.

Remove tag from Intercom

Removes a tag from a lead, user or company in Intercom.

Add note to Intercom

Adds a note to a lead or user in Intercom.

Send event to Intercom

Sends a user event to Intercom

The things you get done with


Intercom is a client-side integration which needs to be inserted into your site or apps as a JavaScript snippet, or as SDKs for iOS and Android. To send customer data and events into Intercom directly, you’ll need to implement event tracking alongside duplicate tracking for advertising pixels, email marketing tools, analytics tools, attribution tools and others. Getting your user data out of Intercom and into a data warehouse requires building a batched ETL system for pulling data from Intercom’s APIs, transforming the data and loading it into a warehouse.

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Intercom is both an integration and a cloud source for As an integration, your customer data in can be piped directly into Intercom so that you can begin messaging customers based on their behaviour. For example, you may want to message customers that saw a new feature but haven’t actually used it yet.

As a cloud source, pulls in both customer data as event data. This means you’ll be able to analyse your Intercom contacts, companies and conversations natively in without needing any SQL. You’ll also be able to join your Intercom data with the event data you’re already sending, so you can do things like analyse the impact of an Intercom in-app messaging campaign impact on product adoption using your favourite business intelligence.

Moreover, allows to launch various engagement actions automatically towards Intercom, upon Product-led Growth signals being triggered.

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