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Customer Intelligence Platform

Better Customer Data for Every Team

Get customer engagement metrics to drive conversion, activation, adoption, retention, and growth, while fighting churn.

Metrics include health score, campaign performance, lead qualification, personas, feature adoption and churn detection.

Customer Intelligence

Uncover how engaged your customers are,

at each stage of their lifecycle

Monitor all of your leads and customers, from very first web visit to becoming a paying customer to possibly churning. Discover how engaged they are on your social channels, website and platforms, at each stage of the funnel.

Group them into specific segments, and use their individual engagement metrics in your workflows.

Works for B2C, traditional B2B and SaaS.

Intelligence is only computed on end-users who consented to it, as per GDPR/CCPA.



We started off with to share web and trial data into our CRM, so we could start calling prospects about the features [we now knew] they were struggling with. We’ve since added health and lead qualification metrics to better prioritise our efforts.

See how healthy each individual customer is, or isn’t

With’s health score and engagement metrics, you’ll get a better idea of who’s active on your platforms, and who isn’t, from group segments, down to the individual level.

Monitor key feature adoption and performance for each user

For any given account or user, see which features were used, and discover how relevant each feature is, in getting the customer to a certain lifecycle stage.

Discover what makes customers engage, or churn

Uncover which channels, campaigns, ads, blog-, help- and web content, most impact user engagement and revenue growth. Or, which ones cause churn.

Segment customers into personas you can (re-)target

Create dynamic ‘live’ segments of leads and customers, based on funnel stage, health, churn risk, feature adoption and interacted campaigns and content.

360 Customer Viewer

Collected information from website, platform and mobile apps; even from different devices, are unified and presented in one single customer view.

Ad Sources

Monitoring customer behaviour potentially starts with a click on a post on a social channel, and is taken into account when analysing journeys.

Journey Values

Attribute a value to each account and user, and you get clearcut indications on how healthy your business is, and how much revenue is at risk of churning.

Instant Notifications

When new channels, campaigns and event types are discovered, you get instant notifications by email and on Slack. Just as for the weekly debriefs.


Health scores, stages, segments and engagement metrics definitions are rule-based, on pretty much any customer property and event.

Calculate Own Health

You can optionally create your own health and engagement metrics through simple logical, mathematical and time-related functions.

Integrate customer engagement into your workflows

Easily collect and unify events and data from website and apps. adds health, qualification, personas, feature adoption, churn and other engagement metrics.

Sync all with the customer tools you already use in your workflows. is foremost an intelligent customer data platform.

Use Cases

Changing the way you do business in the tools you already use.

  • Product Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Success
Product Management

Uncover the features that makes you sell, or churn

Discover which features are most commonly adopted and how they perform in terms of getting customers into a given lifecycle stage.


Convert more leads through hyper-personal automations

Target the right audience at the right time with the right message.

Your existing automations get power-boosted with customer engagement metrics, segments and personas, resulting in bottom-line more conversions.


Detect which leads are hot.

Sell more with less effort.

Stop wasting time on unqualified leads.

Make successful sales calls knowing which personas and segments your leads fit in, and how engaged they are on your platform.

Customer Success

Monitor product adoption and health. Reduce churn, proactively.

Keep track of each individual user and account’s health scores, and see how they adopt to key features. Identify those who are at risk of churning, and pro-actively act on them.

Data-driven leaders know

Trusted by customer-centric companies.

Before, we simply didn’t know where leads came from and how real they were. Now we know, even before picking up the phone.

Malte Kahrs



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We use HubSpot for supporting our platform customers. With churn detection, we now see a 22% churn decrease.

Jorge Urios



When needing to share product usage and health dashboards with sales and support teams, we use It’s simply too costly to build and maintain it ourselves.

Willem Delbare



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