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Drive Product-led Growth

Automatically identify signups that are most likely to buy, to expand, or to churn; and act on them through best-converting engagement playbooks.
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Turn product data into revenue.

Stop crunching CRM records and data sheets, searching for those signups with revenue potential.
Automatically identify most promising accounts by customer fit and product usage,
and put them in best possible Marketing, Sales and Customer Success workflows.

Product Data into Revenue

Automatically identify product qualified leads

Prioritize outreach, by signalling your GTM, RevOps and Sales teams [which key users from] which key accounts best to engage with, in key buying moments.

Feature Adoption
PLG Experiments

Trigger PQL playbooks and optimise conversions

Run playbook actions on PQL signals to reach aspired closing, expansion and retention goals. Start small, iterate fast, and see how goal conversions improve over time.

Take action in the tools you already use

Add product-qualified lead signals to the engagement tools you already know and use. will trigger the right playbook workflows, at the right time, with the right data.

Signal Actions
HubSpot Tasks
Valeri Potchkailov
co-founder & CEO
With over 200 new signups per week, we rely on to tell us which users from which accounts to focus on. And for each promising lead, we receive tailored playbook tasks in our CRM so we never miss a beat.

All your platform and CRM data, in one 360° customer view

Monitor what signups and paying customers are doing on your platform, and how they progress along their journey. Get context with KPIs and data from across your entire engagement stack.

Customer 360
Discover what makes customers engage

Discover what makes customers engage

Uncover common datapoints and key usage patterns that most impact trial-to-paying conversion, expansion and actual net revenue growth.

All of the data.
None of the SQL.

Integrate seamlessly and access data from your entire tech stack.
All on one platform.
All point'n'click.
No SQL required.

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Built for SaaS customer teams

Changing the way you do business, within the tools you already use.

Build revenue playbooks based on how people use your product
Stop crunching CRM records and data sheets once a month, to find risks and opportunities. Organise your workflows around real-time PQL signals, playbook actions, and customer data from across your stack.

Work in the tools you already know and use
Give easy access to product data
PQL intelligence and actions, the moment it happens
All point'n'click, no SQL or coding needed
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Share Customer Data
Detect which leads are hot. Sell more with less effort.
Stop wasting time on unqualified leads. Look out for promising product qualified leads that trigger specific buying signals, and make more meaningful calls, knowing which features they're interested in.

Get prioritized call lists, sorted by likelihood-to-buy
See unified view of each account and their users
Get tasks and product data in your existing CRM
Get PQL notifications by email, on Slack, and in your CRM
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health score
Easily test new PLG strategies and improve conversions
Try out new PQL conditions, assign different engagement variations, and monitor how conversions progress over time.

See which features are most frequently used
Quickly test new PQL conditions and actions
Prove which engagement playbooks work best
All point and click, no code required
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PQL Experiments
Monitor feature adoption and health scores during onboarding. Reduce churn, proactively.
Keep track of each individual user and account at scale, and get notified on expansion and cross-selling opportunities. Identify those who are at risk of churning, and pro-actively reach out to them.

See all account and user activities in one place
Get notified on churn risk and expansion opportunities
Get tasks and product data in your existing tools
Get notifications by email and on Slack
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Convert more through hyper-personal automations
Target the right audience at the right time with the right message. Your existing automations get power-boosted with customer engagement metrics.

Automatically add PQLs to engagement automations
Get product usage data in your existing marketing tools
Lower customer acquisition costs
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