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Customer Data Platform

Better customer data

for every team

Empower your marketing, sales and support teams with the customer insights they need to convert more, sell more, and reduce churn; right in the tools they already use.

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Customer Intelligence
Customer Data Platform enrichment

Actionable customer insights, during the entire lifecycle

Add native web- and app data with derived intelligence to your existing tools, allowing your different teams to better align around a shared 360-degree view of each customer.

Works for B2C, traditional B2B and SaaS.

Do more with an intelligent customer data platform

Easily collect and unify customer journey events and data from website and apps. adds contextual and behavioural intelligence.

Sync all with the tools you already use.

Popular use cases

Changing the way you do business.

Share app data with ecosystem tools

Make advanced marketing automations based on app onboarding data and events

Show in marketing, sales and CS tools what each individual user is doing in your app, and get insights on how to improve product adoption.

Close more deals

Show the ad and channel your lead first responded on, in your CRM and ERP

Get a better idea of what each lead is interested in, based on interacted ads and content, and get informed when they’re ready to buy.

Pro-actively decrease churn

Receive product usage insights, and get notified when customers get stuck, so to pro-actively assist and prevent them from churning.

Turn behaviour into business

Build customer intelligence into existing CRMs, marketing automation tools, support ticketing systems, and a lot more ecosystem apps.



We started off sharing trial data from our app into our CRM, so we could start calling prospects about the features [we now knew] they were struggling with. Now, we’ve added ad campaign information so we can see which USP attracted them in the first place.

Easy to share data and events. Once.

Send account and user data and events, through state-of-the-art SDKs and APIs, and let do the sharing.

There’s no historical data to keep, no data syncing services to implement and maintain, no cross-tracking or -identities to solve, no difficult behavioural algorithms to code. You keep your codebase clean and clear.

Allow for hyper-personal campaigns to convert more

Target the right audience at the right moment, through more-personal better-converting campaigns, based on contextual and behavioural customer intelligence.

Increase sales. Decrease churn. Make better sales and support calls.

Make more successful sales calls, knowing how likely leads are to buy, what persona’s they are, which ads and content they interact with, and which existing customers they look like.

And once becoming a customer, keep track of their health score, see how they adopt to new features, and get notified when they’re likely to churn.

A customer data platform that makes you sell

Discover which channels, campaigns, ads, content and events most impact user engagement and revenue growth. Advanced customer data analytics include data-driven attribution and statistical graph models.

Data-driven leaders know

Trusted by customer-centric companies.

Before, we simply didn’t know where leads came from and how real they were. Now we know, even before picking up the phone.

Malte Kahrs



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We use many different best-in-class marketing tools to maximise conversions. With data enrichment, we now see up to 25% increase.

Jorge Urios



We simply cannot afford creating point-to-point API integrations each time new ecosystem apps are introduced. solves that specific problem, in a clean way.

Willem Delbare



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Looking for guidance?

Grab our latest eBook

Series 101 — What’s a CDP and why you most probably need it

A complete guide on managing and processing customer data and why it’s so important for your business.