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Is a giant database that comes pre-set up with standard object types as well as use of custom objects and fields, opening up utility of apps in Salesforce app store

Can apply complex filtering logic, summarize and group your data, perform calculations, and create sophisticated visualizations of your sales data using dashboards

Is complex enough that fully instrumenting the CRM to work within your org is usually done by a dedicated contractor or a team of administrators

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Engage with your customer when your platform requires it.

Add task to Salesfoce

Adds a task to Salesforce, optionally selecting dedicated assignee.

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Most Salesforce implementations start (or end) with a dedicated Salesforce administrator configuring all your data to the right format that Salesforce can ingest, then uploading CSV lists of existing contacts gathered before Salesforce was introduced. Afterwards, updates to leads, contacts, opportunities, and conversion events are done within Salesforce itself, or by other tools you have installed which send data to Salesforce via built-in integrations. Without integrated tools to update Salesforce when changes to your leads/contacts happen, you need to configure a system to upload updated CSVs daily, or build an ETL pipeline.

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When you use Salesforce with, you don’t need to build an ETL pipeline or any repeating batch upload processes to keep your Salesforce instance up-to-date. All of your customer data will stay updated in real-time, across every integration you have turned on in, including Salesforce. Every tool that you use to interact with leads and customers will have the same updated information proliferated at the same time, so you won’t have to worry about different tracking systems or batch upload processes going off at different times, leading to periods where your records don’t match across systems.

In addition to being a data integration, Salesforce is also a source of data within Developers are able to use to pipe their company’s Salesforce data out of Salesforce. After this, they’re able to send the result of these queries back into Salesforce, including additional customer intelligence created by

Moreover, allows to set various engagement actions automatically towards Salesforce, upon Product-led Growth signals being triggered.

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