Send engagement emails, based on platform behaviour (B2C)

Trigger tailored product adoption sequences, based on user type, customer fit and past behaviour.

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The problem we solve

In sending onboarding emails or in-app messages to help onboard a new signup, most tools do not take into account the fact that the signup might already have completed certain features. The onboarding sequence then typically consist of difference messages, with interim delays of one to a few days, yet independent of any user behaviour.

Typical sequence in ActiveCampaign, not taking user behaviour into account.

And yet, how annoying it is to receive an email that explains how to do something that you've meanwhile already done many times over. It reflects poor insight from the vendor and frankly also reflects poor brand value.

And if an eager marketer wants to implement some sort of user-behaviour-based drip campaigns, mostly depending on the platform sending some counters from the platform into his/her marketing automations tool, he/she is often faced with needing to create difficult campaigns with multiple counters and goal-exit-nodes with as-difficult conditions. Of course, with the challenge of having these counters sync'ed fast enough.

How we solve the problem connects to both platform (and website) and marketing automation platform, will monitor every move and any property updates on the platform, —and based on logic rules— will add and remove contacts to/from engagement sequences in real-time.

The eager marketer will now only have to create one sequence per feature, and will make sure appropriate contacts will enter and exit the sequence in proper time, if at all. E.g. Contacts that already have tested 'Feature One' will never come into the 'Try Feature One' sequence, and thus never receive emails to try out 'Feature One'... signals will add contacts to sequences, and remove them all the same, when logic applies.

Moreover, the complexity of when an email can and cannot be send, is fully at the hands of that marketeer, by more point-and-click logic creation. There's no developer time involved anymore at that point, no other counters to be coded nor maintained...

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