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Provides drag-and-drop email, Instagram, and Facebook campaign templates that can be automated based on pre-built solutions like new subscriber, audience birthday, or cart abandonment

Supports Instagram and Facebook ad campaigns and automates prospecting by searching your email to find and target new customers similar to current loyal customers

Integrates with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce so marketers can suggest new products to targeted customers and automate category follow-up, product follow up, or re-engagement solutions

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Engage with your customer when your platform requires it.

Add tag to MailChimp

Add a tag to a user in MailChimp.

Remove tag from MailChimp

Remove a tag from a user in MailChimp

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Keeping your Mailchimp subscribers and their attributes— like gender, subscription, last login, etc.— up to date usually means writing a custom script to ping its API whenever those attributes change. You’ll either have to run the script every night to make sure subscribers and their user attributes are up to date based on your database, or you could write a custom library that hits the API in realtime as people use your site and their attributes change. Getting subscriber activity and campaign data out of Mailchimp and into a data warehouse would require a custom ETL process using its export API, which requires hours of development work and continued maintenance of the ETL thereafter.

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x removes the need to build a connection to the Mailchimp API yourself. Anytime you identify a person on your site, they’ll be added to a Mailchimp list or, if they’re already on it, their custom merge tags will be updated based on your properties. Another powerful way that Mailchimp connects with is as a cloud app data source. Connect the source and all your Mailchimp data, like conversations, lists, campaigns, and subscriber activity, gets synced to your data warehouse, eliminating the need for you to build your own ETL pipeline to extract Mailchimp data for analysis.

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