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Pro-actively reach out to those accounts that drop usage and are struggling with essential features.

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The problem we solve

Whether having high or low value subscriptions, managing churn is crucial to any SaaS business. Yet it is hard to optimise processes so your CS costs remain acceptable, while make sure most churn risks get addressed as soon as possible.

Moreover, there is a clear tendency that a large majority of users do not want to be talking to some CS team, unless deemed truly necessary. Also filling in NPS got bored quickly.

Differences in unite economics between PLG and SLG

An optimal churn strategy would be to receive clear indications when customers need help, the moment they need help, with clear directions how to help them.

And in a B2B environment, this gets incrementally important. You may need to reach out to people that are not deciding about the renewal of the product, yet still be the one that can give negative advise, as for him, value is not in par with cost.

How we solve the problem connects to both platform (and website) and CRM, and monitors everything a user and account are doing on the platform. This data gets enriched with marketing and sales data from your marketing automation and customer relationship tools.

From that data, extracts the elements that are often triggered when customers churn. This could be e.g. an export of data or an activity drop of more than 50%, etc... Next, we also measure inactivity and the lack of events that goes with a typical churn.

Eventually, knowing these churn triggers and anti-triggers — they are called churn risk signals — starts engagement sequences in the tools you already use, and through A/B testing, figures out which CS actions best to take to avoid churn.

User retention is a major churn prediction tool. customers typically see a 50% drop in churn.

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