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Ebook - Your Guide to Customer Profiling & Database Enrichment
Your Guide to Customer Profiling & Database Enrichment
A holistic view on how to ensure that your data is up-to-date and how that will change the way you keep and treat customers, upsell and reduce churn
Ebook - The Ultimate Guide to Product Adoption
The Ultimate Guide to Product Adoption
A full step by step guide on how to bring your product adoption to the next level. Maximize the success of your next Release.
 Series 101 — What’s a Customer Data Platform and why you need it
What’s a Customer Data Platform and why you need it
A complete guide on managing and enriching customer data and why it’s so important for your business.
Series 101 — multi-channel 
campaign-based marketing
Multi-channel campaign-based marketing
A simple guide on how to define and structure your marketing campaigns for maximum impact!
Robbie Demeyer
Robbie Demeyer
Chief Executive Officer
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We started using to push platform adoption data into our CRM and CSM systems, so we could start emailing unhealthy trial accounts about the features [we now knew] they were struggling with. We later added health, buying signals, and churn detection to improve all of our campaigns.
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Connect Sources
One-click integration with your HubSpot, Salesforce, Stripe, Zendesk, Segment, Intercom, and many more...
* Native connection to your SaaS platform, requires SDK integration.
Analyse Influx
Monitor incoming data and events, and enjoy a 360-holistic view of your customers. See which features, content and interactions are most relevant to reaching lifecycle stages.
* No coding required.
Build Intelligence
Use gathered attribution insights to define rules for health profiles, buying signals, upsell moments, churn detection, buyer personas and other segments and signals.
* No coding required.
Sync Destinations
Set up destinations, and sync customer data and -intelligence to custom fields, making them actionable throughout your workflows.
* No coding required.
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