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What’s a CDP?
…and why you probably need it?

If a company has a high user adoption rate, it’s an indication that far more individuals are adopting the product than are abandoning it. That usually means the company is acquiring new users very efficiently.

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 Series 101 — What’s a Customer Data Platform and why you need it
Table of Content

Trendy, hot or more?
Every few years, a new category is created in the software industry and when that happens, a whole lot of companies try to ride the wave.Read more...

What exactly is a CDP?
A Customer Data Platform enables companies to collect and collate customer data from different sources; clean, enrich and organise that data; and finally send that data to different destinations. Read more...

Working with customer data
A CDP should empower all teams benefitting from enriched customer data. For that to happen, data must be accurate, accessible, and easy to act upon.Read more...

Data-driven leaders know...

Jorge Urios
Co-founder & CEO
We run many marketing campaigns, from drip emails to social retargeting to dynamic content. By having adding health scores and buyer personas to our automations, we see a stagering 17% conversion rate increase.
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Connect Sources
One-click integration with your HubSpot, Salesforce, Stripe, Zendesk, Segment, Intercom, and many more...
* Native connection to your SaaS platform, requires SDK integration.
Analyse Influx
Monitor incoming data and events, and enjoy a 360-holistic view of your customers. See which features, content and interactions are most relevant to achieving your goals.
* No coding required.
Build Intelligence
Start with simple rules on what defines stages, health profiles, buying signals, upsell moments, churn detection and specific segments.
* No coding required.
Sync Destinations
Set up destinations, and map customer intelligence to custom fields, making them actionable throughout your workflows.
* No coding required.
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