Logical insights lead to

better decisions

Get meaningful and comprehensible marketing and sales engagement insights on your leads, and make data-driven decisions on how to make them paying customers.

journy Features

Customer-centric analytics, open for business

From channels, campaigns, events, conversions and profiles to actionable insights.

Customer Intelligence

Long lists of analytic visitor data isn't helping you discover marketing successes and business opportunities.

Only distilled reports showcasing the essence of marketing campaigns and channels do.


Automatic funnel detection

Define milestone events that potentially could lead to strategic conversions such as sales, registrations, sign-ups, churns, and detect funnels that work best for your business.


Off-line and API events

Add off-line and external events representing meetings, trade shows, calls, ticket sales, 3rd-party interactions, and get a true 360-degree view on what makes your customers buy.

Multi-touch attribution

Each campaign and channel is measured by its immediate involvement towards conversion events, as well as on the merits of how it attributes towards that event over time.

Moreover, you can explicitly determine which specific channels and campaigns will get your customers from event A to event B!

Multi-channel campaigns

Evaluate which campaigns work best over various channels and see their impact on strategic conversions over the course of your customer journeys.

Omni-campaign channels

Equally evaluate which channels work best over various campaigns, against those customer journey events you consider as strategic.


Behaviour-based lead profiling

Each visitor/lead/customer upon traversing its journey will be characterised by the campaigns and channels touched, the pages visited, the occurred events and apps used. This allows for just-in-time behavioural profiling with predictive engagement scores.

Profiled visitor insights

Get all the details you need to start a meaningful conversation with your leads, from topics of interest to the measure of engagement.

Smart actionable notifications

Get alerts with valuable information triggered when treshholds are exceeded, or when new undefined touchpoint parameters are detected.

Manage meaningful channels and campaigns, not UTMs

journy.io comes with a complete set of channel, campaign, page, profile and event management features that will make your experience throughout the platform consistent and logic.

And if props become meaningless? Simply delete them into 'Others'. Important again? Convert them back with just 1 click.

No data ever get lost.

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