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An interview with

Alex Zhebryakov


Chief Growth Officer

BrokenBuild's Chief Growth Officer Oleksandr (Alex) Zhebryakov talks about their PLG journey, their initial challenges and their hands-on experience transitioning from SLG to a Hybrid SLG-PLG, using journy.io.


Website: https://www.brokenbuild.net
Company size: 11-50
Year founded: 2013
Headquarters: Kiev, Ukraine
Product category: Apps for Atlassian Jira

PLG background: Went from little knowledge about their end users to deep knowledge with multiple touchpoints for power users and churn-risk users. Through journy.io, they have now successfully implemented their Product-Led Sales/CS workflows.

Biggest wins with journy.io:

  • Automated outreach to power users and churn risk users.
  • Monitoring customer health, from churn risk to monetization/expansion potential.
  • Moved from limited data to a powerful combo of actionable quantitative data and customer insights from interviews.

Main Challenges

  • Lack of insights about end users. No knowledge about who they are, how they’re using the Broken Build apps, and whether they’re successful (power-users) or unsuccessful (churn-risk).
  • Feature prioritization based on the limited data received via support requests. Only touchpoint with customers was through support requests, leading to 80% bug fixes and only few feature requests.
  • No actionable data. Amplitude gives insights into which features are being used and shows funnels and aggregated data, but doesn’t allow zooming into accounts and end users.


  • Because journy.io shows health metrics for each user, the Broken Build team knows exactly when they’ve reached ‘aha’, ‘eureka’ or ‘habit’ and can reach out to the right user at the right time.
  • Segment data flows into journy.io, putting them into the right cohort (e.g. active, recurring user, power user, churn-risk user). Journy.io’s powerful rule engine tells Intercom to automatically contact users with relevant messaging. Journy.io and Amplitude are used in tandem.
  • Power users are automatically identified and invited to customer interviews. The team has gone from 2 to 30+ customer interviews per month and has full confidence in their customer-discovery based product roadmap.
Journy.io is an orchestration tool for us. It’s our PLG CRM, our customer health monitoring app, and the tool that initiates communication with our end users. With journy.io, we set up rules such as: Let's talk to our power users about the ideas that we have.
— Alex Zhebryankov, Chief Growth Officer @ BrokenBuild


Because Broken Build sells apps on the Atlassian market place, they have limited access to information about their end users. Atlassian doesn’t provide the names or email addresses of users, let alone what goals they’re trying to achieve and what they’re doing within the Broken Build apps.
The team was acutely aware of this massive blind spot and knew that their old way of feature prioritization - largely gut-feeling based - wasn’t cutting it. They needed to get closer to their customers.
Fast forward to 2022: The team decides to implement a Product-Led Growth motion with the primary aim of identifying their most interesting customers and start talking! They try a bunch of contenders, such as Variance, Calixa, and Correlated, but find that none of them quite fit the bill. They struggle with their data model, the rule engines aren’t giving them exactly what they want, there’s always something that doesn’t work as expected. And when asking for help, Alex is confronted with an impenetrable Customer Service wall.

That all changes in September 2022, when Alex stumbles upon journy.io. Journy.io stands out due to it’s powerful rule engine which allows Alex to precisely pinpoint which users to contact at which time based on self-configured health metrics.
Who has recently reached an ‘aha’ or ‘eureka’ moment? Who’s ready for an upsell, and who’s at risk for churn? By connecting Segment to journy.io the Broken Build team picks up on these signals, and by connecting to Intercom they can automatically kick off the right messaging hierarchy. At-risk customers are saved and power-users are invited to customer interviews.
The result? Going from 2 to about 30 customer touchpoints per month, and a product backlog filled with feature requests that customers care about.
Journy.io walks the PLG talk by taking Customer Success to the next level. Alex has a direct line to journy.io’s founding team Hans and Yves, and feels heard and understood every step of the way.

What’s gonna make journy.io a very successful company is their ability to listen and to quickly implement missing features. Their untampered ambition to becoming the #1 PLG platform is clearly reflected by how well their product is build.
— Alex Zhebryankov, Chief Growth Officer @ BrokenBuild

So what’s next for Broken Build? Now that the team feels confident that they’re tracking their users health metrics and have their robust - and partially automated - customer discovery process up and running, the next step is adding Product-Led Sales. Rather than depending on customers to upgrade to a paid version on their own, they’ll use journy.io to identify Product Qualified Accounts (PQAs) and Product Qualified Leads (PQLs) within those accounts to increase their free to paid ratio.

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