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We are fully committed to creating the customer intelligence platform that will help millions of companies run their businesses in a much more customer-centric way.

We are building into a high-standards organisation, with deep respect for people, privacy, social and ecological environment, and for total equality of race and gender.

This is our journy.

The story

Yves had been fortunate to contribute to some amazing projects, working closely with marketers, sales people, customer success experts, product managers and financial specialists from around the globe. One ever-returning concern on management- and board-meetings he encountered was to find out ‘which marketing/sales/CS efforts to invest in, to grow bottom-line revenues..not just visits or leads…‘. This was the base to initially start building a data-driven attribution platform to tackle that specific problem.

Hans met Yves during an assignment to build out front- and back-end systems for Belgian green-energy marketplace ‘Bolt Energie’. His passion for technology and engineering—as for music!—combined with previous experiences at Engagor/Clarabridge, and an untameable hunger to building great lasting products, quickly revealed to be a great mix for cooperation.

Hans and Yves co-founded BV on October 1st 2019. During the first 12 months, the company transitioned its original idea into creating the smartest customer intelligence platform (CDP) out there, aimed for the mid-market to drive customer activation, adoption, retention and growth.’s offering now still includes the initial data-driven attribution model to fuel feature and content performance.

The team

Yves Delongie


Hans Ott


Chato De Veirman

Full-stack Engineer

Manu De Buck

Full-stack Engineer

Willem Delbare

Investor & Board Advisor

Ruben Verhack

Chief Data Scientist

Johan van Mil

Investor & Board Advisor

Robin De Baets

Security Analyst

Patrick Schumacher

Head of Marketing

Miguel Lopes

Full-stack Engineer

Nicholas ‘Nic’ James Barnes

Full-stack Engineer

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Sales Developer

Full-time — Remote — EU timezone

Customer Success

Full-time — Remote — EU timezone

Customer Success

Full-time — Remote — US timezone

Sales Developer

Full-time — Remote — US timezone

Our mission statement provides customer-centric mid-size companies a customer intelligence platform to drive customer activation, adoption, retention and growth, while fighting churn.

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We started off with to share web and trial data into our CRM, so we could start calling prospects about the features [we now knew] they were struggling with. We’ve since added health and lead qualification metrics to better prioritise our efforts.

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