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Links up with web apps and automates actions using customizable workflows, called “Zaps”

Triggers custom workflows from more than 750 apps like Gmail, Slack, Google Sheets, or Trello and automates custom alerts or actions so teams can point and click to automate tasks

Enables custom workflows based on unique goals like searching for a subscriber, copying a document, or starting a conversation

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Engage with your customer when your platform requires it.

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Zapier is an integrations tool that lets you connect many hundreds of cloud apps and other services to share data across tools or trigger actions between one tool and another. The workflow for building zaps is simple. You choose a trigger, like receiving an email in Gmail, then choose an action, like recording a Segment event for each email you receive. Zapier also has a filter capability so you can choose to only record when emails are received from specific people or sent to a specific email address. This is just an example and there are limitless use cases for Zapier if you’ve got the time to build connections between each app.

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The Zapier integration makes it simple to identify users and track events based on any of Zapier’s hundreds of triggers. All you need to do is map the incoming data from your trigger into the userId and traits or event name and properties. Zapier isn’t usually recommended for high volumes, but for recording important actions from a system that doesn’t itself connect to, Zapier is a great option to automate the recordings rather than pulling that data manually.

Moreover, allows to launch various engagement actions automatically towards Zapier, upon Product-led Growth signals being triggered.

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