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Payments Infrastructure for the Internet



Offers payment processing software and application programming interfaces to make payment processing easier

Supports custom payment experiences, so local or global users can check out with ACH Debits or Bitcoin using pre-built forms

Automates platform updates, so companies can support new tools like Apple Pay as soon as they’re available

Enables PCI-DSS compliance using iOS or Android bindings, so businesses can protect sensitive data

Bills monthly so subscription-based businesses can manage multiple user subscriptions at one time

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in SaaS environments



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Engage with your customer when your platform requires it.

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Implementing Stripe requires a familiarity with its API, which is organized around REST, as well as installation of Stripe’s javascript snippets onto your site and its SDKs for your apps. In addition to installation of Stripe, you’ll also want to consider how you can analyze your payments data once its in the system (and how to get it out of the system to query and join it with other customer data channels).

Questions about payments, revenue, subscriptions, customer lifetime value, etc. are at the top of the list for most businesses analyzing their health and growth. Joining revenue with other customer data like web or app activity, support and sales interactions, and email marketing are some of the most important reports you’ll build to assess the state of your business. Reviewing the Stripe export APIs, designing a data model that’s optimized for analysis, and building the ETL process into a data warehouse takes experience, time, and usually many cycles of optimization to get things right.

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You can skip the ETL work you’d have to do to get payments data out of Stripe and into your analytics tools and instead just jump right into analysis. The Stripe data you need for analytics gets loaded right next to your web and mobile usage data so you can start exploring what drives revenue up or down and the lifetime value of customers. Additionally, the data your Stripe source outputs into is optimised for data analysis according to’s intuitive Schema.

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