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Unite your siloed data and easily access governed and secure 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-party data for previously unimagined insights.

Leverage Snowflake's speed, concurrency, and extensibility to develop and run data applications, models, and pipelines where data lives.

Work and collaborate seamlessly across multiple clouds no matter where data, applications, or your local and global business communities reside.

Find new customers and increase revenue by offering data sets and data services, tools, and applications on Snowflake Marketplace.

Requires Segment's Reverse ETL.

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Engage with your customer when your platform requires it.

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Snowflake is a data warehouse built for the cloud. Snowflake delivers performance, simplicity, concurrency and affordability.

Connect and load customer data from Snowflake through Segment into journy, in minutes.

* You need to connect Segment and have a team subscription to Run Segment's Reverse ETL.
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on Segment's website.

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Collect Snowflake data through Segment into and use table properties to create PLG scores and signals. Any Snowflake property can eventually be used to put accounts and users into segment, to trigger playbooks, to compare them to properties from other sources such as Stripe... to finally sync all to CRMs and marketing automation platforms.

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