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BigQuery ML enables data scientists and data analysts to build and operationalize ML models on planet-scale structured, semi-structured, and now unstructured data directly inside BigQuery, using simple SQL—in a fraction of the time.

BigQuery Omni is a fully managed, multicloud analytics solution that allows for cost-effective and secure data analysis across clouds and shares results within a single pane of glass.

BigQuery has built-in capabilities that ingest streaming data and make it immediately available to query, along with native integrations to streaming products like Dataflow.

Query all data types with BigQuery: structured, semi-structured, and unstructured. Use BigLake to explore and unify different data types and build advanced models.

Requires Segment's Reverse ETL.

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BigQuery's serverless architecture lets you use SQL queries to analyze your data. You can store and analyze your data within BigQuery or use BigQuery to assess your data where it lives. To test how it works for yourself, query data—without a credit card—using the BigQuery sandbox.

* You need to connect Segment and have a team subscription to Run Segment's Reverse ETL.
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Collect BigQuery data through Segment into and use table properties to create PLG scores and signals. Any BigQuery property can eventually be used to put accounts and users into segment, to trigger playbooks, to compare them to properties from other sources such as Stripe... to finally sync all to CRMs and marketing automation platforms.

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