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We started off with journy.io to share web and trial data into our CRM, so we could start calling prospects about the features [we now knew] they were struggling with. We’ve since added health and lead qualification metrics to better prioritise our efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the trial version?

With the trial version, to test the starter, scaler or sustainer plan, you’ll get access to every feature for 14 days! When the trial version ends, you’ll be asked to select your plan and enter your credit card. See table above to see the difference features between plans.

When do I need to update to a paying/higher plan?

Once you’ve reached 90% of the current plan’s data or history boundary, you will start receiving notifications that data will be cut-off at your plan’s contact limit, on a first-in, first-deleted basis. If you do not want to lose these unique visitors, you should add capacity by moving to a larger plan. Or If you want to start using advanced behavioural intelligence, you will also have to update to a higher plan.

What is a ‘journey’?

A ‘journey’ is an unidentified or identified person, with a sequence of touchpoints from all devices or from an off-line event. If a person visits your website —unidentified— with his laptop and his phone, this would count for 2 journeys as long as she/he is not identified. If these 2 journeys get identified to the same contact, they get merged into one journey. If one of these 2 original (sub-)journeys gets re-identified to belonging to another contact, the merged journey is split up again into 2 separate journeys.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, JCB, Ideal, Maestro.

How long does it take to set up?

Journy.io baseline setup for website sources can be completed in 5 minutes per website. It includes entering a CNAME onto your DNS and setting a snippet onto all your webpages. For cloud and mobile apps, it could be done in under an hour as our APIs are clear-cut straight-forward. We offer a complete training program and configuration capability. The remainder of the setup is based on the amount of destinations, the properties mapping and the amount of channels, campaigns and events you want to register. But almost everything is discovered automatically, so that won’t take much time neither…

How much effort is needed to maintain and operate?

Maintenance with journy.io is very light-weight and is reactive. Beyond the week-over-week reviewing of insights you get from journy.io, the reactive maintenance part represents setting up new parameters when any unknown channel/campaign/event values are auto-detected by the system. Typically a 2-3 hours the first week, about 15-30 minutes each following week to keep every context parameter up to date.

What happens when my contact limit is reached?

When the limit of contacts has been reached, the oldest contact will be marked as deleted in our database. You’ll be notified well in advance in order to upgrade your capacity by upgrading your subscription plan. When you upgrade a plan, your marked-as-deleted contacts within the new contacts boundaries will be restored! So, you don’t really lose data…you just can’t see them if you don’t pay for it!

Do we comply with GDPR when using your platform?


If you create an account, you agree to our Data Processing Agreement (DPA) that states that you clearly need to ask permission to your web- and(!) app users to accept cookies from journy.io, for the purpose of registering their actions. Only when endusers agree, can you provide us events and data that we will process and keep. We will never share any data to any 3rd party, be it the data itself, any derived intelligence from that data, or even analytics on that data. The data remains your property. journy.io merely processes it for you.

We further also allow you to support your users in their request to view which data you hold on them, or to delete all their data if they request you to do so.

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