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" provides real-time customer engagement insights that allow us to make informed decisions on where best to invest, and with whom best to engage, to optimally grow our business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the free trial version include?

You’ll get to access everything! The only restriction is the data cut-off of 500 contacts (first in, first deleted principle), and the data processing of the most recent 2 weeks. These are all the features you'll need to drive more conversions, optimise your campaigns and channels and pages, fine-tine your funnels, and profile your contacts. And it’s completely free! No credit card required.

When do I need to update to a paying tier?

Once you've reached 90% of the journey boundary, you will start receiving notifications that data will be cut-off at your plan's contact limit, on a first-in, first-deleted basis. If you do not want to lose these unique visitors in your reports, you should add capacity by moving to a larger tier. If you want to start using our advanced modules, you will also have to update to the scaler or sustainer tier.

What is a 'contact'?

A contact is an unidentified or identified person, with a sequence of touchpoints from all devices or from an off-line event. If a person visits your website —unidentified— with his laptop and his phone, this would count for 2 contacts as long as these journeys are not identified. If this contact's both (2) journeys get identified to the same email address, these 2 unidentified journeys are virtually merged into one, resulting in one contact! If one of these 2 sub-journeys is re-identified to belonging to another person/contact, it is split up again in 2 contacts.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, JCB, Ideal, Maestro....

How long does it take to set up? baseline setup can be completed in 5 minutes. It includes setting a snippet onto your html pages, and optionally entering a CNAME onto your DNS. Beyond the initial baseline setup we offer a complete training program and configuration capability. When setting up campaigns yourself, typically 1 hour is required to set up, basically depending on the amount of events, campaigns and channels...

How much effort is needed to maintain and operate?

Maintenance with is very light-weight and is reactive. Beyond the day-to-day reviewing of insights you get from, the reactive maintenance part represents setting up new parameters when any unknown channel/campaign values are auto-detected by the system.

What happens when my contact limit is reached?

When the limit of contacts has been reached, the oldest contact will be marked as deleted in our database. You'll be notified well in advance in order to upgrade your capacity by upgrading your subscription plan. When you upgrade a plan, your as-deleted-marked contacts within the new contacts boundaries will be restored! So, you don't really lose just can't see them if you don't pay for it! logo logo white

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