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B2B sales enablement platform Emlen partners with to achieve product-led growth

Yves Delongie
Yves Delongie
October 10, 2021
B2B sales enablement platform Emlen partners with to achieve product-led growth

Industrie: B2B cloud platform
350+ Customers and Resellers
Teams using
* Sales (Buying Signals)
* Customer Success (Product Adoption Scores, Health Scores, Churn Risk Signals)


Germany-based Emlen GmbH is a leading sales engagement platform that enables B2B customers to instantly create 'digital deal rooms', empowering them to communicate and share sales and support content in a great unique 'Netflix-like' way.

Max Klein, co-founder Emlen GmbH introduces his company as follows: “If we look at traditional B2B sales processes today, leads typically ask for quotes, white papers, use cases, getting-started and other guides...and they all receive this information in a scattered way, through tons of emails. Finding the right material often translates into needing to search emails, hoping they got the latest versions to begin with... At best, some get shared webdrives, which is still pretty much an uuuugly customer experience.”

“Enter Emlen.”, Max continues: “We allow B2B sellers to create deal rooms in seconds, and provide granular access to the right people. They can securely access always-updated latest versions in a click. Moreover, the information is presented to them in  great ‘Netflix-like’ screens, which makes it actually pleasant to look at. This bottom-line increases the effectiveness of sales and support content, resulting in much higher content consumption, higher deal closures, and better customer retention.”

Max Klein, Co-founder Emlen

Goals and challenges.

"Just as we want to disrupt the way buyers consume content in traditional B2B sales environments, we also were looking for a disrupting way to conduct our own sales and customer success.” Klein goes on to explain. "As a SaaS company, we wanted to start using the information we held within our platform to our advantage in better serving our onboarding customers. In other words, we wanted to drive a product-led growth strategy.

In initially wanting to build such solution ourselves, we quickly find out that the identity resolution part of having users accessing our platform from different devices and browsers, wasn’t going to be an easy development. Moreover, the tool had to be operated by non-technical non-SQL peers from marketing, which made it even harder.”

“We eventually choose for” Klein concludes “as we found them to be the perfect fit in technology, B2B support, and pricing. The tool was made to be easily set up with rule definitions on pretty much any data point — even including on data and events from other apps than our own platform — and could easily connect to any of our existing martech tools and CRM.” could easily be set up, and was truly build to serve our needs, both in terms of technologie as B2B support. provided. first analysed real leads, buying customers and churning accounts, so to find out which marketing, sales and CS elements contributed to their respective journeys. Based on that data, segment rules and signals were created and sent to HubSpot and Intercom.


“With the introduction of, workflows and efficiency have drastically improved, as have bottom-line business results. Sales and customer success teams now have better customer insights and intelligence at hand, that helps them create more-personal experiences that our customers love. They achieve their KPIs and goals way faster; some with about half the effort previously needed. Also human errors are quickly detected by which no important lead or customer interaction goes unnoticed.”

Or as Max Klein summarises: “ provides us the data that serves as fuel for our new sales and customer success workflows, yet within the same tools they used before..."

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Built for B2B & B2C SaaS, simultaneously

Changing the way you do business, case by case.


Detect which signups are most likely to buy. Sell more with less effort.

Automatically surface product qualified leads.

Prioritize PQLs call lists and engage with quick actions.

Add tasks and full PQL context to existing CRM and other engagement tools.

Automated sales playbooks and collaborative inbox.


Onboard. Monitor. Get expansion signals. Reduce churn, proactively.

Automatically detect churn & expansion candidates.

Accelerate onboarding and product adoption.

Align activities around 360° customer view, with health and onboarding scores.

Automated CS playbooks and collaborative inbox.


Build revenue workflows, based on how people use your product.

Use machine learning to uncover new sales opps.

Add slow accounts to nurturing campaigns.

Optimize engagement playbooks for maximum conversion.

Leverage any data without needing engineering.


See which impact your product features have on revenue, expansion and churn.

Analyse feature importance, usage and impact.

Build key product metrics without SQL, nor coding.

Easily create customer segments based on any product interaction.

Comply to GDPR and CCPA.

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Build revenue playbooks based on how people use your product
Stop crunching CRM records and data sheets once a month, to find risks and opportunities. Organise your workflows around real-time PQL signals, playbook actions, and customer data from across your stack.

Work in the tools you already know and use
Give easy access to product data
PQL intelligence and actions, the moment it happens
All point'n'click, no SQL or coding needed
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Share Customer Data
Detect which leads are hot. Sell more with less effort.
Stop wasting time on unqualified leads. Look out for promising product qualified leads that trigger specific buying signals, and make more meaningful calls, knowing which features they're interested in.

Get prioritized call lists, sorted by likelihood-to-buy
See unified view of each account and their users
Get cases with follow up tasks in your team inbox
Get tasks and product data in your existing CRM
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health score
Easily test new PLG strategies and improve conversions
Try out new PQL conditions, assign different engagement variations, and monitor how conversions progress over time.

See which features are most frequently used
Quickly test new PQL conditions and actions
Prove which engagement playbooks work best
All point and click, no code required
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PQL Experiments
Onboard. Monitor product usage. Reduce churn, proactively.
Keep track of each individual user and account at scale, and get notified on expansion and cross-selling opportunities. Identify those who are at risk of churning, and pro-actively reach out to them.

Get notified on churn risk and expansion opportunities
Get cases with follow up tasks in your team inbox
See all account and user activities in one place
Collaborate with sales and marketing thru quick actions
Check out our use cases customer success use case
Convert more through hyper-personal automations
Target the right audience at the right time with the right message. Your existing automations get power-boosted with customer engagement metrics.

Automatically add PQLs to engagement automations
Get product usage data in your existing marketing tools
Lower customer acquisition costs
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