Customer Intelligence Platform

Expose what

makes you sell

Discover which marketing and sales campaigns most impact user engagement and revenue growth, and save money on those channels that don't sell.

Deploy gained intelligence to predict your new leads' profile, interests, and likely-hood to buy.

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Customer Intelligence

Discover the bigger picture

All of your customer data, each step of their journey.

Making business sense of it all.

Get more people to buy, knowing why they buy

Examen ads, blog posts, pages, social posts, multi-channel campaigns, geo-data, events and discover customer flows that reproduce won deals.

Invest only in those ads and channels that make people buy

Reveal those blog articles, pages, channels, ad campaigns and events that drive sales and need more investment. Shift budget from those that just generate random visitors who don't buy.

"When I ask my marketing team where best to invest next, they use to show me."

Jorge Urios


Increase sales, through behavioural lead qualification

Determine your customer interests, based on their online and offline interactions and compared against previous customer behavioural data.

Know instantly when hot leads become engaged

Get sales engagement scores and identify hot sales leads and -moments, through applied deep learning on visitor data.

"Before, we simply didn't know where our leads came from and how real they were. Now we know, even before picking up the phone."

Malte Kahrs


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Discover new stuff and see how they compare to old

Add new auto-detected channels, campaigns and events and get clear insights on how they perform, compared to others.

Get important notifications right when it matters

Get actionable meaningful insights when new campaigns get traction, ads start converting, or leads become engaged, the moment it happens.

"Knowing exactly which campaigns were responsible for which customers, we increased revenues by 25% by simply shifting budget from one channel to another"

Willem Delbare


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Increase your potential

A great platform for everyone needing a 360-degree holistic view of its customers.

for Marketers

Keep track of all multi-channel ads, posts, and events, and find out which cross-channel campaigns most contribute to won deals.

for Sellers

Finetune the sales process and receive pre-deal lead profiling and qualification, based on visitor behaviour and smart segmentation.

for Senior Execs

Experience which marketing and sales efforts deliver bottom-line revenues, and make informed decisions on where to invest next.

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