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The sales and marketing landscape is evolving quickly. Besides the long-lasting pandemic forcing workers to be remote, today's customers are also more sophisticated, well-informed, and demand instant gratification. They want access to information and responses whenever and wherever they are researching about you. The truth is that very few organizations pay attention to optimizing the customer journey from the first engagement, even though your first meeting with a prospect represents 80% of a deal's success. Between chatbots, forms, email, scheduling applications, and web meeting tools, it takes on average five days to meet with a qualified prospect, and 30% of these meetings are usually no-shows. 11Sight provides an inbound video call and customer engagement platform designed to reduce the distance between prospects and customers and businesses to one click. That's because 11Sight has reduced the digital communication address of a user or business to an URL. Similar to a website address or any other URL, 11Sight's e-lines are dedicated digital links that enable prospects and customers to reach out to businesses from any online channel with one click. ​​ Prospects and customers can initiate an inbound video call with sales teams from any online channel in just one click on a Linkedin post, on a Facebook comment, email marketing, from a website, or anywhere on the web. No downloads. No sign-ins. No appointments. All it takes is one click from any online channel, any browser, and any device.




Marketing fuels PLG engine with MQLs to attract initial users into viral loops.

MQL activities are:

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Option to buy


Sales gets PLG signals to engage with promising product-qualified leads.

They still reach out to marketing-qualified leads as well, to attract initial users.

Customer Success

CS teams receive playbook tasks to onboard new users that get stuck on certain features.

They also act on incoming PLG churn risk signals and try to revive declining paying customers.

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Changing the way you do business, within the tools you already use.

Build revenue playbooks based on how people use your product
Stop crunching CRM records and data sheets once a month, to find risks and opportunities. Organise your workflows around PQL signals, playbook actions, and intelligence, the moment it happens.

Work in the tools you already know and use
Give easy access to product data
PQL intelligence and actions, the moment it happens
All point'n'click, no SQL or coding needed
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Share Customer Data
Detect which leads are hot. Sell more with less effort.
Stop wasting time on unqualified leads. Look out for promising product qualified leads that trigger specific buying signals, and make more meaningful calls, knowing which features they're interested in.

Get prioritized call lists, sorted by likelihood-to-buy
See unified view of each account and their users
Get tasks and product data in your existing CRM
Get PQL notifications by email, on Slack, and in your CRM
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health score
Monitor feature adoption and health scores during onboarding. Reduce churn, proactively.
Keep track of each individual user and account at scale, and see if they adopt key features during onboarding. Identify those who are at risk of churning, and pro-actively reach out to them.

See all account and user activities in one place
Get notified on churn risk and expansion opportunities
Get tasks and product data in your existing tools
Get notifications by email and on Slack
Check out our use cases customer success use case
Convert more through hyper-personal automations
Target the right audience at the right time with the right message. Your existing automations get power-boosted with customer engagement metrics.

See which campaigns generate good paying customers
Automatically add PQLs to engagement automations
Get product usage data in your existing marketing tools
Check out our use cases marketing use case
Discover the features that bring most value to your users
Unlock the power of account-based product usage and enhance product experience at both user and company level.

See which features are most frequently used
See where accounts typically drop off
Deliver faster results for your customer teams
Full-featured customer data platform under the hood
Check out our use cases
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