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One unified profile for every customer

Combine siloed customer data from any source into one consolidated customer profile and clean raw data into normalised actionable properties.

One platform to deliver complete, reliable, accurate user and account data to all your teams, in a secure way.

Do more with unified customer data

Easily collect and unify customer data from website, mobile- and web-apps.

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We simply cannot afford creating point-to-point API integrations each time new sales and marketing tools are being introduced. solves that specific problem, in a clean, easy and secure way.

Collecting user data from all possible sources

Capture data from websites, from designated tracking URLs, through webhooks, and from back-end systems through SDKs and APIs.

Advanced identity resolution provides unified profiles

Our advanced identity resolution algorithms matches up data from different sources, merge them into one single profile just-in-time when needed, and automatically splits them again upon user re-authentication.

Support for any user-account model

Whether operating a single-user B2C, a single-account-multi-users B2B or a multi-account-multi-user SaaS, each model is automatically detected and all intelligence is built upon the specifics of that model.

Profiles that are always up to date

Every user and account property is reprocessed every time a new journey event is collected.

Customer data from historical events

The base structures for unifying are time-stamped sequential journey events, which are captured and stored from the various sources.

Unlimited user and account properties

Data is captured through journey events into key-value properties (‘key’ = ‘value’). If data is captured to existing property keys, they are either overwritten, either deleted.

These properties are automatically defined and formatted, when first journey event data flows in.

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