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Getting Started

A quick overview

Collect. Discover. Enrich. Share.

See the customer properties that matter in the tools that matter, in a few simple easy steps. is easy to set up and requires practically no maintenance.

How to get started

Get up and running in no time.

Add your website as source for customer events

You connect your website to, through simple settings, a DNS record and installing a snippet. And you’re good to start collecting web properties and events!

Add apps as source for events and properties

Create API keys for each of your apps, and through our APIs, send us properties and events, for both accounts and users!

If you don’t have an app, just skip this step.

Configure active traffic monitoring and notifications

Know what’s happening on your site and in your apps, even when you’re not logged into

Get instant notifications of new channels, campaigns, events, and take action when new leads get engaged!

Auto-discover new channels, campaigns, properties and events

Track only what’s important to your business, and leave ‘Others’ to others! Auto-discovery detects known query parameters and referral URLs and lets you easily add new elements with just 1 click!

Control which properties to process and share

While your sources are pushing properties and events, let you have final control over which properties to share or not, with just 1 click.

Contextual intelligence

Create computed properties that reflects how accounts and users interact with contextual elements such as channels, ads, blog- and web-content and events.

Behavioural intelligence

Create computed properties that reflects how accounts and users behave against each other, determining e.g if they are about to set up a trial, to buy, or to churn.

Add destinations

Add the tools you’re currently using as destinations, providing secure credentials for each tool.

Map properties to destination fields

Map account and user properties with the destination fields you see fit. In most cases, account and user mapping will be separate. In other cases, you’ll be able to map any property to any destination field.

Talk to an expert

Book a meeting and let’s get you started.

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