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Share and Manage Access

Give each team access to select customer data

Empower marketing, sales, product, finance and data teams with the customer data they need. And enforce they only access what they need.

Syncing user and account properties with your favourite tools doesn’t require any coding and is as easy as mapping custom fields.

Collect once. Sync continuously.

Each new journey event, will trigger a change in customer property, ready to be sync’ed.

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The development of our website is done by an external agency and asking them to integrate customer metrics with our CRM and Mailchimp requires time and investment. integrates seamlessly with our website, and allows me to do any configuration myself.

Sharing as easy as mapping fields

Share the customer data each team is entitled to, and only what they’re entitled to, by mapping allowed custom and enriched fields to the custom fields of their favourite apps.

Decide exactly what to share with whom

Keep granular control over which properties to share with which team and get near-real-time visibility of which personal information you’re collecting.

Don’t lock yourself in. Adopt latest and best customer tools.

When teams decide to introduce new tools, simply ask them to create custom user and account fields, and map required properties to those fields. All customer data will be sync’ed to the new system and you’ll be ready to continue work, in no time.

Streamline privacy compliance across the company

Accelerate GDPR and CCPA compliance with automated data rights management. Whether your customers want you to delete or modify their data, or even stop collecting it entirely, will comply.

Manage user deletion throughout ecosystem apps

One specific compliance request where most companies struggle with, is the deletion of user data across an ecosystem of apps. With user deletion feature, this is done in no time.

A dynamic customer data inventory, always up to date

Detect and categorise personal information in near real time, instead of working months on manually creating an inventory.

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