Detect which leads matter.
Sell more with less effort.

Have more meaningful conversations with your customers, based on what they do on your website and in your app.

Prioritise and organise your leads, based on health and engagement metrics, product qualifying and customer fit scores, segments and personas.
Sales Scoring
Willem Delbare
Serial Entrepreneur
We simply cannot afford maintaining point-to-point API integrations, each time new sales and marketing tools are being introduced. solves that specific problem, in a clean, easy and secure way.
Users Buying Signals

Know which lead is hot and ready to be closed

Create playbooks to proactively identify and drive new business and expansion, through’s engagement metrics and PQL signals.

Sell from within your current CRM

Simply add buying signals and personas in your current CRM. There's nothing new to learn, nothing new to transition to. Only look at the signals that matter.

Share Customer Data
Measuring Support Strategy

Organise teams by customer behaviour

The best woman/man on the best account! Organise your sales teams, by feature expertise, segments and personas.

Calculate forecasts based on engagement score

Engagement scoring based on data-driven attribution metrics is statistically extremely reliable and ideally suited for your forecast!

And for B2B/SaaS environments, your forecasts will be account-based.

Engagement Score

Popular use cases

Changing the way you do business.

Make more personal calls with contextual background, right when it matters
Prioritise call tasks based on related lead’s engagement metrics and buyer segments
Organise your team to assign leads to those sellers that have closed similar leads
Create better forecasts by weighing deals with health and engagement metrics

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