Convert more through hyper-personal automations

Target the right audience at the right moment, with the right message. Discover which channels, campaigns and content make visitors convert, and leads buy.

Use these marketing attribution insights, in addition to in-app behaviour, to get your existing automations power-boosted with relevant product-led growth metrics and signals.
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Malte Kahrs
Owner & CEO
We proud ourselves to still provide personal, human support, every time a customer or reseller needs it. lets us save money and time, by providing behaviour-based qualification insights.

Understand your customer journey provides a clear view on which channels, campaigns, ads, blog articles, web pages, emails, and other content, are most relevant in attracting, converting and retaining both users and accounts.

Lead sources marketing use case

Convert more with hyper-personal automations

In each stage of the funnel, provides you actionable intelligence about each individual customer, from health and qualification score, over smart segments and personas, to lead qualification triggers.

Advanced user and account triggers, in near-real-time

Each single user interaction is analysed and triggers user and account properties to be re-computed, thus your leads get instantly re-qualified and re-sync’ed to your marketing stack. All typically within a few seconds.

Account triggers
Contact details including health stage segments

Product-led segments and personas

Build powerful segments and personas from activities on your SaaS platform, as well as from channel, ad, web-, blog- and help-site interactions, as well as from other ecosystem data. Simply from everything that matters.

The single unified source of truth, in all your tools

By unifying customer data from website, apps and mobile, from very first website visit till last interaction, you now can create automations with 360-degree holistic data on each account, and on each user.

single unified source of truth

Popular use cases

Changing the way you do business.

Send individual personalised messages right when key actions happen on key moments
Segment your leads, per interacted web-, blog- and help-pages, and ad campaigns.
Retarget leads for those ads on those channels that has proven most impact
Detect new channels & ads; and normalise them into individual actionable customer intelligence

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