Customer Success

Retain your hard-earned customers

Improve customer retention through feature engagement insights, signals and playbook actions.

Follow each customers at scale, and engage with them when getting onboarding signals or becoming at risk of churning.
Customer Success Health Score
Dieter Dehaemers
co-founder & CEO offers a clear view on which marketing, sales and CS investments produce long-lasting healthy customers. And with feature adoption, buying signals and churn risk detection, we got exactly the triggers we need to implement our PLG strategy.
Engagement Score

Know how engaged each customer is

Monitor various engagement and churn scores for each customer at scale, for both users and accounts.

Uncover key features during onboarding

Learn which platform features and support activities are influential for trial-to-paid conversion, and customer retention, and which ones lead to churn.

Feature Adoption
Churn Action

Get signalled on important events

Receive engagement and churn risk signals in the tools you already use, and adapt your existing workflows and automations to act on them.

Organise onboarding workflows by signal

Organise your support and onboarding teams, around feature skills, engagement/churn scores, and customer segments. Let each individual customer be helped by, subjectively, the best possible support specialist.

Measuring Support Strategy

Popular use cases

Changing the way you do business.

Make personal calls with behavioural background, right when it matters
Prioritise call tasks based on related lead’s likelihood to churn and best-next actions
Organise your support teams to assign customers to most fitting experts
Create better churn forecasts by weighing churn risk scores

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