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And let our probabilistic attribution engine and neural network do the work for you. journy.io is foremost an easy-to-use SMB-tailored platform, built with simplicity in mind.

How does it work?

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Install tracker code, and add advanced tracking URL

Each account can track different domains, each with their own unique tracking code and their advanced tracking subdomain. Just copy-paste the code (or install proper plug-ins for certain environments), set the proper CNAME in the DNS, and you're good to go!

Configure active traffic monitoring and notifications

Know what's happening on your eCommerce shop or SaaS app, even when you're not logged into journy.io. Get instant notifications of new channels, campaigns, events, and take action when new leads get engaged!

Discover and define new channels, campaigns and events

Track only what's important to your business, from web and 3rd-party apps, and leave others to others! Auto-suggest will detect known utm query parameters and referral URLs and will let you easily add properties to the system with just 1 click!

Set goal event

While performance of channels, campaigns, pages and events can be measured against any (other) event, we ask to set a system-wide goal event. This event will be the outcome reference for all deep learning, quality and engagement scoring algoritmes.

Changing this goal event does NOT result in having to retrain the model.

Attract, retain, convert

Let the system learn and tell you which channels, campaigns, pages, and events most contribute to the goal event, as to any other event. It will do so using a data-driven probabilistic attribution model.

A goal-based system-wide quality indicator quickly shows what's working and what not!

Depending on the amount of data, the model will need about 1-2 hours to start showing meaningful data!

Identify the engaged

Watch how your identified leads navigate from page to page, interact with channel and campaigns, becoming more engaged with your brand, increasing their likelihood to buy/-sign up.

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