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The logical way to share app data and events with others

Share customer data and events, through state-of-the-art SDKs and APIs, easily, securely and reliably. makes your data historically accessible, builds contextual and behavioural intelligence for each of your accounts and users, and easily allows for syncing with other tools, by other people.


Do more with enriched customer data

Easily collect and unify customer journey events and data from website and apps. adds contextual and behavioural intelligence.

Sync all with the tools you already use.

Do much much more yourself.

  • Check APIs from destinations you want to sync with.
  • Make sure you get the (re-)authentication part right, including safely storing tokens.
  • Don’t forget to match data types to what destination is supporting.
  • Hook up your website.
  • Manage auto-discovered events, channels, and ads for actionable contextual values.
  • Develop a multi-account-multi-user identification resolution system.
  • Implement an attribution model supporting multi-account-multi-user environments.
  • Create and maintain/train an AI model, fit for behavioural intelligence.
  • Construct a processing model, that recalculates account and user properties, just in time.
  • Build sync processes with webhooks, for each destination, taking rate limits into account.

If you need more destinations, restart most of the above.

Popular use cases

Changing the way you do business.

Easily share customer data from a web- or mobile app to a CRM, and mailing tool.

Share app data once, and uncover historical data trends, related to features.

Create personal onboarding based on pre-signup behaviour.

Show dynamic web content, based on previous sales and marketing interactions.

The easiest way to share data. Once.

Spend less time on developing and maintaining, with only one set of data APIs to implement. No need to bother about data syncing services. No cross-tracking or -identity resolution to worry about. Your codebase stays clean and clear.

There’s further nothing to set up or to maintain. New properties are simply added to’s customer data scheme, ready to be synced across other systems.

Advanced identity resolution

Capture data from any part of your app and website, and share your own account and user IDs. automatically applies advanced identification out-of-the-box, and your customer data gets unified in a breeze.

Support for any user-account model

Whether operating a single-user B2C, a single-account-multi-users B2B or a multi-account-multi-user SaaS, each model is automatically detected and all intelligence is built upon the specifics of that model.

Send data. Retrieve more and better data.

Our AI engine enriches your raw user events and data with contextual and behavioural intelligence.

As you can query all data back, you get near-real-time access to intelligence that would otherwise take ages to engineer yourself.

Use Case: Individual personal onboarding flows

Allow for personalised onboarding flows on your website and apps, based on contextual and behavioural intelligence computed from past interactions.

Willem Delbare



We simply cannot afford creating point-to-point API integrations each time new ecosystem apps are being introduced. solves that specific problem, in a clean way, and their APIs are rock-solid!!

State-of-the-art data infrastructure

Securely send your customer events to our fully-redundant enterprise-grade infrastructure.

No single beat ever gets lost.

Comply to GDPR and CCPA regulations

By DPA agreement, whether it be actual data, anonymised data, derived contextual or behavioural data, we never share data with third parties!

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