Sell more online

at lower costs

Capture how customers interact with your online store, and focus on those blog articles and ads on those channels that make them buy.

Discover specific customer behaviour for target product lines and get an engagement score for each potential customer.

Any store will do

With native extensions for select e-commerce platforms, eventually integrates with any store.

Track store events, (most) without coding

Define milestone events that potentially lead to successful check-outs. Based on page URLs with wildcards, events include product views, cart actions and of course, check-out.


Capture all e-commerce data

Automatically sync relevant e-commerce data that can be used to segment customer behaviour and start personalized campaigns.

Easily discover where to invest to attract more buyers

(not just random visitors)

Each campaign and channel is measured by its immediate involvement towards visitors buying your products. Clear simple quality indicators tell you where to shift budgets to.

Discover our native integrations

Compare channels and campaigns, independently

Using facebook and google analytics to measure...facebook and google analytics... doesn't really give you a 360-degrees holistic view where you truly can compare stuff. provides a channel-independent view on things.

Predict a buyer's intention to buy, before buying

From previous buyers behaviour, and based on probabilistic attribution, we can calculate a new visitor's likelihood to buy from his/her visited pages, channels and campaigns..


Act on behavioural profiling

Equally, through our behaviour neural network, and by each new page view, we can predict which profile a new visitor leans to.

NEW!'s demoshop

Get access to our demo shop as well as the app linked to the shop.

See for yourself, yourself (or your fake self) buying goods and how it is picked up by Get clear indications which content, channels and campaigns most contribute to generally having all our demo users buying (or not).


Share your data anywhere

Your customer data, with engagement score and behavioural profile, can be sync'ed from and to your marketing automation tool, your CRM and pretty much wherever you need it.

Smart actionable notifications

Get alerts with valuable information triggered when treshholds are exceeded, or when new undefined touchpoint parameters are detected.

Jorge Urios


Serial Entrepreneur

" provides real-time customer engagement insights that allow us to make informed decisions on where best to invest, and with whom best to engage, to optimally grow our business.

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