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Eligable startups get all of journy.io's product features with 1000 contact credits, free-of-charge, forever.

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Eligibility Requirements


Less than 2 years old, and < €1M MRR


Up to 1000 contacts, over 30 days


Less than 5 full-time employees


Currently not an existing customer

Jorge Urios


Serial Entrepreneur

" journy.io provides real-time customer engagement insights that allow us to make informed decisions on where best to invest, and with whom best to engage, to optimally grow our business.

Discover the bigger picture.

Track all of your contacts, every single step of their journey.

From the very first visit, over lead- and deal-conversion to actual deal closure and—annoyingly—churn,

every single customer 'touchpoint' is being tracked for review and analysis.

Discover what makes you sell.

Lots of winning customer journeys allow you to recognise patterns in touchpoint campaigns and/or channels, all along the funnel! As do losing customer journeys as well, but for negative patterns.

Pattern Recognition
Marketing Attribution


Optimise omni-channel ROI/ROAS & CAC through Multi-touch Attribution Models.

Choose the attribution model (set of rules), that determines how credit for sales and conversions is being assigned to touchpoints in conversion paths. Determine which channels and/or campaigns have best return-on-investment and optimise your general customer acquisition costs!


Behaviour-based lead profiling.

By assigning campaigns and/or channels to profiles, each contact upon traversing its journey will be characterised by the campaigns and channels touched. This behavioural profiling is queryable through API's so to be used by other apps in the ecosystem. (E.g. dynamic behavioural content...)

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