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Dynamic Live Segments

Group customers by what matters most

Customers with same behaviour and properties are best grouped into audiences, for targeting purpose. lets you define how to segment customers, and automatically (re-)assign any customer meeting proper criteria.



We started off with to share web and trial data into our CRM, so we could start calling prospects about the features [we now knew] they were struggling with. We’ve since added health and lead qualification metrics to better prioritise our efforts.

Live segments, based on any interaction

Define how to segment users and accounts by any possible metric, including health score, feature adoption, content interaction, and automatically see these segments grow as customers use your platform.

Dynamic segments, automatically populated

Criteria for segment entry and exit are automatically checked for any account and user, making your segments grow as people interact with your brand.

Segments to finetune feature and content interactions

When evaluating how performant features and content are, in achieving a certain lifecycle stage, segments are used to finetune feature results against customer personas.

Segments to meet business results

From observing buying (or churning) customers, you can define the segments of accounts and users that best meet the process towards that specific stage.

Segments made actionable throughout your tools

Share defined segments with your marketing automation platforms, CRMs and support ticketing systems, so you can act properly on them.

Use Cases

Changing the way you do business in the tools you already use.

  • Product Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Success
Product Management

Uncover the features that makes you sell, or churn

Discover which features are most commonly adopted and how they perform in terms of getting customers into a given lifecycle stage.


Convert more leads through hyper-personal automations

Target the right audience at the right time with the right message.

Your existing automations get power-boosted with customer engagement metrics, segments and personas, resulting in bottom-line more conversions.


Detect which leads are hot.

Sell more with less effort.

Stop wasting time on unqualified leads.

Make successful sales calls knowing which personas and segments your leads fit in, and how engaged they are on your platform.

Customer Success

Monitor product adoption and health. Reduce churn, proactively.

Keep track of each individual user and account’s health scores, and see how they adopt to key features. Identify those who are at risk of churning, and pro-actively act on them.

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