Dynamic Segments

Group customers by what matters most

Customers with same behaviour and properties are often grouped into segments, for targeting purpose. journy.io lets you define such segments, and automatically assign any customer meeting same defined criteria.
Rules for Segments

Data-driven leaders know...

Robbie Demeyer
Chief Executive Officer
We started off with journy.io to share web and trial data into our CRM and CSM platforms, so we could start calling prospects about the features [we now knew] they were struggling with. We've since added health, upsell and churn insights to better prioritise our efforts.

Live segments, based on any interaction

Define how to segment users and accounts by any possible metric, including health score, feature adoption, content interaction, and automatically see these segments grow as customers use your platform.

Customer Feedback
Share Customer Data

Dynamic segments, automatically populated

Criteria for segment entry and exit are automatically checked for any account and user, making your segments grow as people interact with your brand.

Segments to finetune feature and content interactions

When evaluating how performant features and content are, in achieving a certain lifecycle stage, segments are used to finetune feature results against customer personas.

Feature Adoption
Rule-based Data Segmentation

Segments to meet business results

From observing buying (or churning) customers, you can define the segments of accounts and users that best meet the process towards that specific stage.

Segments made actionable throughout your tools

Share defined segments with your marketing automation platforms, CRMs and support ticketing systems, so you can act properly on them.

Share Customer Data

Use cases

Changing the way you do business in the tools you already use.

Build workflows that align around consistent customer intelligence
Tear down those typical departmental silos and organise your different teams' workflows around uniform customer data. This gets particularly important in PLG environments.
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Share Customer Data
Monitor product adoption and health. Reduce churn, proactively.
Keep track of each individual user and account at scale, and see if they adopt key features. Identify those who are at risk of churning, and pro-actively reach out to them.
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journy.io customer success use case
Detect which leads are hot. Sell more with less effort.
Stop wasting time on unqualified leads. Look out for promising leads that trigger certain buying signals, and make more meaningful calls, knowing which features they're interested in.
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journy.io sales use case
Convert more leads through hyper-personal automations
Target the right audience at the right time with the right message. Your existing automations get power-boosted with customer engagement metrics and behaviour-based personas, resulting in bottom-line more conversions.
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journy.io marketing use case
Discover the features that make you sell or churn
Discover which features are most commonly adopted and how they perform in terms of getting customers into a certain lifecycle stage such as trial or churn.
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Feature Adoption
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Connect Sources
One-click integration with your HubSpot, Salesforce, Stripe, Zendesk, Segment, Intercom, and many more...
* Native connection to your SaaS platform, requires SDK integration.
Analyse Influx
Monitor incoming data and events, and enjoy a 360-holistic view of your customers. See which features, content and interactions are most relevant to achieving your goals.
* No coding required.
Build Intelligence
Start with simple rules on what defines stages, health profiles, buying signals, upsell moments, churn detection and specific segments.
* No coding required.
Sync Destinations
Set up destinations, and map customer intelligence to custom fields, making them actionable throughout your workflows.
* No coding required.
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