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Series 101

What’s a CDP?

…and why you probably need it?

Understanding the value proposition of a Customer Data Platform comes down to embracing the need for better enriched customer data. The CDP is not just a hot trendy software category, it’s core to your entire business.

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Table of Content

Chapter One: Trendy, hot or more?

Every few years, a new category is created in the software industry and when that happens, a whole lot of companies try to ride the wave. Read more…

Chapter Two: What exactly is a CDP?

A Customer Data Platform enables companies to collect and collate customer data from different sources; clean, enrich and organise that data; and finally send that data to different destinations. Read more…

Chapter Three: Working with customer data.

A CDP should empower all teams benefitting from enriched customer data. For that to happen, data must be accurate, accessible, and easy to act upon. Read more…

Final: Executive Summary.

Read more…

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