Detect which leads matter.
Sell more with less effort.

Have more meaningful conversations with your customers, based on what they do on your website and in your app.

Prioritise and organise your accounts and users, based on their each health and engagement metrics, qualifying score, segments and personas.
Sales Scoring

Data-driven leaders know...

Malte Kahrs
Chairman & CEO
Before, we simply didn’t know where leads came from and how real they were. We had a whole pre-sales team doing qualification calls and looking at social media profiles. Now we know why each individual lead comes in, even before picking up the phone. sales use case

Know which lead is hot and ready to be closed’s engagement metrics are extremely accurate and empowers focussing on high-qualified leads.

Get target segments with personas to call

Through dynamic lead profiling, content interactions, trial product adoption, your sales team gets target lists of contacts to call. Now even better equipped to conduct much more personalised conversations.

Sales Process
Measuring Support Strategy

Organise teams by customer behaviour

The best woman/man on the best account! Organise your sales teams, by segments and personas.

Calculate forecasts based on engagement score

Engagement scoring based on data-driven attribution metrics is statistically extremely reliable and ideally suited for your forecast!

And for B2B/SaaS environments, your forecasts will be account-based.

Customer Success Health Score

Sell before it’s too late

By monitoring engagement scores, we predict ideal buying moments. Knowing this, well in advance, allows you to close more deals, always just at the right moment.

Popular use cases

Changing the way you do business.

Make more personal calls with contextual background, right when it matters
Prioritise call tasks based on related lead’s engagement metrics and buyer segments
Organise your team to assign leads to those sellers that have closed similar leads
Create better forecasts by weighing deals with health and engagement metrics
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Connect Sources
One-click integration with your HubSpot, Salesforce, Stripe, Zendesk, Segment, Intercom, and many more...
* Native connection to your SaaS platform, requires SDK integration.
Analyse Influx
Monitor incoming data and events, and enjoy a 360-holistic view of your customers. See which features, content and interactions are most relevant to achieving your goals.
* No coding required.
Build Intelligence
Start with simple rules on what defines stages, health profiles, buying signals, upsell moments, churn detection and specific segments.
* No coding required.
Sync Destinations
Set up destinations, and map customer intelligence to custom fields, making them actionable throughout your workflows.
* No coding required.
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